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Backyard Weddings: A Great Way to go in 2020 and Beyond

We had our share of gorgeous weddings pre-covid, but with the virus we have seen an uptick in more intimate weddings taking place in backyards. Many couples choose their own backyard, a friend's, a relative's, or even a super kind boss that provides their property.

Why go with a backyard wedding you ask?

Rosy and Tony said their I dos under a tent in Rosy's aunt's backyard as it rained on Superbowl weekend. Photography by Simply Captivating.

Here are some great reasons!

  1. Save on venue costs - You won't have to put down any money on the venue, so now you can use that money to invest in yourselves as couple or add other features to your day whether it's a photo booth or wedding video :) If the party runs a little later, you also won't get kicked out unless your host gives you certain time frames, but for the most part we've seen that the party goes all night!

  2. Get creative - Your friends and family have access to the property the day before so you can set up way in advance and get as creativity as you'd like without any restrictions.

  3. One stop shop - You can get ready there, have your ceremony, and reception! Even if your ceremony takes place somewhere else, such as a church or a temple, you have a home base where you can keep all your stuff to come back to for the reception.

  4. Bistro lights - If you love them, you can add them! Also they give ambient lighting for your guests and look beautiful in photographs and video.

A few things to keep in mind.

  1. Electrical Power - Check to see how much power you can use at the house. We have seen some power outages due to excessive use of electricity from things like DJ set ups and so forth.

  2. Neighbors - Are they okay with loud music or some rowdyness? What are the community rules? Will the party be shut down? We have never witnessed any grumpy neighbors, but it's always good to at least give them a heads up.

  3. Bathrooms - If your host is alright with having guests in their home, that's definitely an option. Another option is using portable restrooms like those provided by YML Portable Restrooms.

  4. Parking - Have an idea where your vendors and guests will park and let them know ahead of time. This will prevent anyone from getting lost or towed, or being late.

  5. Legal Concerns - If you have legal concerns, see if you can have your vendors and/or guests sign a waiver. These waivers are usually signed at venues by the couple that covers them and their guests. Separate waivers are also given to vendors and vendors are typically asked to provide certificate of insurance. In any case, the property owner would be the one who might be concerned and may approach you with a contract.

Rosy and Tony got creative and included this old pickup truck to do a photoshoot. Photography by Simply Captivating.
Photography by Simply Captivating

See more of Rosy & Tony's wedding in this shorter edit we made with licensed music for public sharing:

Thank you to all the vendors.

Photography: Simply Captivating Photography

Decor: Mi Vintage Rentals

Officiant: Frank Nunez

Dress: Brides of Florida

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