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Be in the Moment

This is the greatest piece of advice we can give you. Be in the moment.

Your wedding day will go faster than you'd like. It's been confirmed time and time again by our couples. We hear things like, "Wow, it's already the end of the night! I can't believe it's over!" Some brides have said that they blanked out some moments because they were so nervous about what was coming next or everything going according to plan.

Our hope is that we slow down those moments for you so you can watch them again and again for years to come.

Even though we've got you covered on that front, there's also the importance of your own memory of that day as you remember it. We always encourage our couples to slow down, breathe, and truly take in every exhilarating and exciting moment they have together and with their loved ones. Life is so precious, and sometimes we have to put a pause on racing thoughts and anxiety about the time, how the flowers came out, whether someone is running late, or maybe the rental car isn't the one you asked for.

Stop for a second and remember why this day is happening to begin with. You found your person! Today marks the start of a lasting future by their side. How incredible is that!!! And those you love are celebrating this amazing union!

Take in the love, the joy, the fun, the little things about what it felt like seeing that dress hung up or your closest loved ones helping you get in it, or maybe how it felt to read the letters you wrote for each other that morning, or that moment when you see one another for the first time. Take in the big moments and the tiny moments. They all count.

Some couples take some alone time to just be with each other in between segments of the day. This is such a good idea! Take a breather! Allow yourselves YOU-time among all the overwhelming emotions and outpouring of love from everyone. Enjoy your first drink together, fuel up on those appetizers, flirt a little, tell each other what you loved most about the ceremony or your vows, or how incredible your partner looks. Take them in.

Be present for each other as much as you can be.

The rest is all there just to make your day even more beautiful, but without you two and that powerful love you have for each other, none of it would be possible.

And where do we fit in, well, we pride ourselves in staying out of your way as much as possible to not distract you from just living to moment. Trust us, we can still get amazing shots without cutting in on your intimate, once-in-a-lifetime moments. In fact, we get the good stuff when you lose yourselves in each other!

Photography: Erika of Light Sky Photography

Venue: The Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

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