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Drone it up

There's nothing like that additional eye in the sky perspective to add some flare to your wedding video. On the fence about it? Let's discuss some things to consider in your decision.

Some Drawbacks You May Want to Keep in Mind

The first item would be that it is an additional cost to your package, since we do have someone dedicated to these incredible shots. Some couples also want it flown during ceremonies, however, we have refrained from doing so because it has been quite the distraction in the past, as drones can be quite loud.

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

So if I can't fly it during the ceremony and it's an added cost, why get it? Well, you'll be getting a larger picture of the grand beauty of your venue that isn't possible from the ground. It also helps get some great location shots to establish where your amazing day took place. You'll also be incorporated in some of these epic wide shots, which are exceptional for group photos.

We have dedicated drone operators that are licensed and insured to make sure the drone is being flown by a professional and with 100% attention to prevent any accidents. Some video teams include drone in their costs, but then split their time in between trying to get the drone up and successfully get those shots and covering your wedding on the ground. This leaves room for mishaps whether on the drone flying side or missing something very important on the ground.

Here are some more incredible drone shots:

Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables

Deerfield Beach

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