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First Looks: Popular Trend or Amazing Idea?

Doing a first look is a major decision for some couples. A good deal of couples want to keep it traditional and be seen for the first time as they come down the aisle. But there are quite a few positive aspects of doing a first look with your future spouse before the ceremony begins. Here's a few pros about first looks worth thinking about.

Taking in Your Future Spouse

1. Your Pace - That moment when they make it to the end of aisle happens quite fast. A lot of our couples have described it as a blink of an eye due to all the emotions and nerves of the day. Doing a first look beforehand gives you the opportunity to take as much time as you need to soak it all up. It slows that first down to a pace you feel good with.

2. Intimacy - Doing a first look gives you both private time to share in each other's love and joy during such a special and amazing day. It might be the one time all day where that you get to have all to yourselves. You get to be as expressive as you'd like without any reservations or peeping toms (except us and your photographer). You get to deeply enjoy your excitement for each other without the pressure of so many eyes.

3. More time for fun - Seeing each other prior to the ceremony gives you more time for photos with each other, your family, and bridal party. Since you saw each other, now you get to use the time before the ceremony to do photos. This means you'll have more time to enjoy cocktail hour and reception a lot more!

4. Still Thrilling - The best part of first looks are that they don't take away from the thrill of seeing your love walking down that aisle and committing to be yours forever. Just take a look at Nick! Him and Ashley did a first look, and he couldn't keep the tears back when he saw her walking up to him with her parents.

All Up To You and Your Partner

No matter all the perks of doing a first look, the decision is ultimately up to you and your love. We are happy to capture that first look before your ceremony or just as it begins.

We love being able to treasure those glances and intimate moments for you, no matter when they happen.

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