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The Details of Getting Ready

"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." - Giorgio Armani

Your wedding day will go by faster than you can imagine. That's why we are there to get all the details that you may not be able to notice or remember. One big part of the day is your getting ready.

What We Look For

During your getting ready, we like to capture a few essentials for you.

After we greet everyone and share in the excitement of what the next few hours hold for you, we jump right in to making sure we get all of your most precious details.

Here's a list of what we look for and what you can have ready for us to film on your wedding day.

  1. Invitation - If you happen to have an invite with you, this is wonderful! You spent time choosing what worked best for your day, why not have a memory of it.

  2. Rings - Before you place them on each other's fingers, we love to get shots of them.

  3. Dress - We know it won't look as spectacular without you in it, but we always love getting grand angles of your dress.

  4. Jewelry and fragrance - Oh the bling! And don't forget to spruce yourself up with a splash of your favorite scent.

  5. Gifts - You'll be getting a lot of those, but some are from your future spouse or a beloved family member or friend that you'd like to unveil on camera before you say I do. We'd love to capture how you felt in that moment when you saw it for the first time.

  6. Bouquet - Sometimes this arrives a little later and we can capture it throughout your photo session or the rest of the day, but if you have it in your room with you, we'd be happy to get some close ups.

After the Details

Once the physical details are captured, our attention shifts to those heartwarming moments between you and your closest friends and family. The champagne popping, those tears shared as the dress is buttoned or zipped up, slipping on to those stellar shoes, a first look with a loved one, and that ever-so almost divine moment when a veil comes on.

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