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Post-Covid Wedding Tips

The lives of many people in the states and across the world changed drastically with the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With that, many changes came our way. From wearing masks and social distancing, to postponements and cancellations of weddings due to travel and venue capacity restrictions. They have been tricky waters to navigate for many couples, but we have learned a lot from our couples and fellow wedding vendors during such a challenging time.

We thought we'd pass a few things along that we learned in the hopes that if you're reading this and planning your wedding in a post-covid world, you'll be just a little bit prepared or least have some insider knowledge on some key things to think about.

  1. Masks - Always have masks at the wedding in case any of your guests or vendors forget one. This could really derail things if someone you care about is not able to go in the venue or participate because they do not have a mask. Some couples make custom masks that guests can change into and take home as a keepsake. There are also incredibly ornate and gorgeous masks for brides and grooms to wear, and even some great ones for the bridal party. Etsy is a great place to look!

  2. Temperature checks - These have been pretty popular at venues before entering, so please make sure you are feeling well before leaving the house or hotel. And remember, just because your temperature is not at the point of a fever doesn't mean you may not be carrying the virus.

  3. Pre-wedding testing - Many couples choose to get tested prior to the wedding and even have their guests get tested as well to ensure that they were not carrying covid and infecting those who attended. Vendors, like ourselves, also test on a regular basis to make sure that we aren't endangering any of our couples or their guests.

  4. Antibacterial - You'll be surprised just how amazing this can be as a party favor. It's super timely, practical, and your guests really appreciate it, especially since they may have left theirs at home.

  5. Less guests - Don't be afraid to downsize who you invite. It makes for incredibly intimate and just as fun wedding as a larger party. You also save money on catering, decor, and so forth. Many couples have set up tripods with ipads or phones to Zoom or Facebook Live their weddings so that those who can't make it can see the event live.

  6. Cancellation and Postponement Policies - For destination weddings, make sure your venue is flexible with cancelling or postponing the wedding. You definitely don't want to lose your deposit as a result of another spike and tighter travel regulations where you or your guests can't make it to the venue location. You may lose everything. If not, some vendors charge fees for postponing, so be sure to ask this very important. And no, we have no postponement fee. We are happy to accommodate to a new day.

  7. Have fun! Yes, it's been some crazy times, but this is still your wedding day!

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