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Supporting Small Business

To all of our amazing couples and clients, we thank you for supporting our small Miami business by booking us for your wedding video, commercial, or film production.

The pandemic was not friendly to a lot of small businesses, including ours, but we are so lucky that our community stuck together and that we made it out of the other side of it. Our survival wasn't accomplished alone. Our tribe of creatives and past wedding couples helped us more than they know. Here are the four Rs of how you too can help small businesses you love and care for.


Whether it's your friends getting married looking for a videographer or someone you know in need of a promo video, your recommendation means the world to us. Hearing from our clients that we were recommended by our couples brightens up our day. It's not only a testament of the quality of our work, but it continues the legacy by sharing your positive experience with others. Sometimes they don't book with us, but the majority of the time they do, so thank you, thank you, thank you, for recommending us to your friends, family, and co-workers.


So you may not know anyone getting married, having an event, making a film, or wanting a music video, but I'm sure that you have power in your career or in other ways. You can help bring in small businesses to do contract work for the organization or corporation you work for. That helps us expand our portfolio a great deal! One example, our good friend works with Telemundo and he saw the perfect opportunity for our business to be featured on one of their shows, Radar 2021. So he connected us with the producer and we were interviewed for a spot on their show about small businesses that made it through the pandemic.

Here we are on NBC Telemundo's #Radar2021


Whether it's a photographer or planner we have worked closely with, or even a video team we know that happens to be booked already, this community of creatives isn't hesitant to put a good word in for us. We gladly do the same in return whenever a chance comes our way. We are truly thankful that our work ethic is recognized by fellow professionals in the wedding and event industry. When it comes to wedding budgets, surprisingly, video is a lot of times the last on the list. So if you happen to be a planner or photographer who worked with us, it's never too late to suggest to your couple to look into possibly booking us. None of our couples have ever regretted adding video a few weeks before their wedding. In fact, they're happy they went for it.


We know how valuable time is, so any time we see one of our couples review us, it truly means so much. They have taken the time out of their busy schedules to write something thoughtful and oftentimes, take it a step further and publish it on multiple websites for us. Again, we can't thank you enough for that.

If you feel like there's some constructive feedback better left for an email, we are also very happy to hear what you have to say that way too. We always ask our clients what they think and how they feel about the videos we create. Receiving healthy, constructive feedback without damaging our business really goes a long way for us, so we appreciate those private emails too. This way we can grow and be better at what we do, and no one is damaged permanently in the process. A poor review can really be the end of a small business. Reviews are sometimes the deciding factor for couples who are unsure about who to book. When writing a review for a small business, always try and consider: what would I want someone to do if it was me or my business? Would I want them to approach me and tell me personally so that I can address it? Or find out about it for the first time on a public page?

In closing

We are very thankful that our couples have been so respectful and caring towards us. Your support and feedback goes a long way, and you know we always listen and take your words to heart. We're all in this together, so let's keep lifting one another up and we will get through this.

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