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We want to get married! But where?

There are so many incredible places throughout the world to say your I dos, how can you begin to choose? Well, here's a short guide for narrowing down your options, and no matter your choice, we'll be there capturing it all for your wedding video.

Narrowing Down Your Wedding Day Venue

Beach, forest, barn, or place of worship? What will it be?

Choosing where you want to get married is tied to many factors. A few things to consider are:

1. What is meaningful place where you want to exchange your lifelong vows?

2. Where are your loved ones? Can you get them there? Or will it just be the two of you?

3. Do you envision it outdoors or indoors? Hot or cold?

Now that you've thought about those factors. Here are some ideas near or far from you.

1. Barn weddings - If you're in the market for doing a barn style wedding, have you looked at places like Spur of the Moment Ranch or the Barn 305 other Redland based properties.

2. Mixing it up - Do you like tropical and barn? Well there are venues like Longan's Place and Spur of the Moment Ranch that do an exceptional job at bringing different backdrops together.

3. Mansion or estate - You can do anything from Esperanza Estate to Vizcaya, or even one located in the Pompano Bay area facing the water. Some of these include Thalata Estate or the Deering Estate facing the water. Villa Woodbine is another dreamy venue with a gorgeous tree as the backdrop to your ceremony. If you want a mix of the tropical with an estate and barn, the Walton House is your spot.

4. Beach - There are designated spots on private and public beaches that you can set up your ceremony. Keep in mind that the only drawback is you'll have passerbys, potentially loud wind, and yes sand everywhere. But if the ocean is where your heart is, there's no better place. The Keys have lovely beachside venues like Key Largo Lighthouse, one of our favorite spots to film. If you want to keep it local to Miami, a ceremony and reception near Bill Baggs Lighthouse is a dream.

5. Boat - Whether land or sea, we are there. We have done several weddings on yachts or boats that take trips across bay areas in Florida.

6. Forest/Mountains - This would be a first for us, but would love to go on that adventure with you!

7. Garden - Whether it's Redland Koi Gardens, Living Sculpture Sanctuary, Secret Garden, or any of the countless

8. Hotel or Country Club - Miami and the South Florida area is known for incredible hotels for weddings from the Shelborne to the Betsy in Miami Beach or the Doubletree on Biscayne Bay. The options are endless, and there's one for every style and couple.

9. Restaurant, Brewery, or Winery - The Rusty Pelican is absolutely classic. We have also shot at Bulla, Cafe Med, and 84th Aerosquadron. You love beer or wine and want to incorporate it into your special day! Love it! We have filmed at places like MIA Brewery and captured a super emotional proposal at Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery.

10. Your Backyard - Some of the best weddings we have captured have been those in family backyards. These are some of the most intimate ceremonies and are always filmed with so much warmth and love.

Your Place

Whichever venue you decide on, you and your future spouse will bring all the love and magic necessary to make it unforgettable. Choose the atmosphere that fits you as a couple and the rest will happen perfectly on your wedding day. As your wedding videographer, it delights us to capture such an amazing day, including your chosen venue and have last forever.

Check out some of those incredible wedding venues in the wedding videos we have created:

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